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Foreign Worker Recruitment & Caregiver Services in Edmonton

Since 2000 when our business began, Can-Phil Pacific Agency has become Alberta’s employment recruiting agency of choice for foreign workers and also caregiver services out of Edmonton. Because we offer quality family care and opportunities for overseas workers, we’ve earned the trust of countless businesses and families throughout the province. Our team helps to ensure that applicants meet the qualifications for the job, and that they have all of the documentation and paperwork necessary. This is both for foreign workers residing in Canada looking to change positions, and for workers still abroad waiting to come fill a position in Canada.

Seniors & Special Needs Caregiver Services

If you have an elderly family member or a loved one with a disability, our network of caregivers can provide them with companionship and attentive services. It is our firm belief that seniors and special needs individuals deserve attentive care that only a qualified caregiver with the right experience, background and integrity can provide. Some of the general care services we provide include:

  • Live-in, live-out caregiver services

  • Companionship & conversation

  • Personal care assistance (dressing, bathing & grooming)

  • Medication management

  • Housekeeping

  • Cooking

  • Mobility assistance

Childcare Recruitment

It can be challenging to find the right childcare professional to look after your child’s needs. Since 2000, Can-Phil Pacific Agency has been the company parents call for punctual childcare workers that have positive attitudes and who love working with children. Each of our childcare workers has been thoroughly vetted, screened and background-checked in order to ensure the proper level of care for your son or daughter. Can-Phil Pacific Agency takes the guesswork out of finding the right person to fulfill your nursery or childcare needs!

Foreign Worker Recruitment

The Canadian jobs market is always expanding, yet, there are simply not enough workers to fill every position. For businesses in Alberta, our recruitment agency can help you fulfill contract requirements, while maximizing your full profit potential. We recruit individuals from across the globe, including the Middle East, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines in order to fill the gaps in your workforce. Each employee has been pre-screened and background-checked in order to ensure reliable service in industries including:

  • Hospitality

  • Restaurants

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail services

  • And more

Have Questions?

Contact our team in Edmonton for answers about our recruiting and caregiver services.


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