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Whether you need a caregiver for your elderly parent or your child, we have a vast network of quality candidates.

Can-Phil Pacific Agency Ltd: Providing Employment Services in Edmonton

For children, seniors and individuals with special needs, Can-Phil Pacific Agency is an invaluable resource in finding the right care at the right time. We have a solid network of caregivers that are available and eager to make a difference in people’s lives. Can-Phil Pacific Agency has also been Alberta’s link to foreign workers since 2000, and for foreigners who are seeking opportunities in Canada’s hospitality, food services, construction, and manufacturing industries. We provide employment services in Edmonton, and we are able to offer pre-screened and qualified candidates to ensure your needs are served – guaranteed.

Learn more about our caregiver and foreign worker recruitment services!

Reasonable Rates on Employment Services

In order to satisfy your budget and employment needs, we maintain reasonable rates, while never sacrificing the quality of our services.

Let’s discuss your recruiting needs – give us a call and we would be happy to speak to you and answer any questions you may have.

Professional Affiliations

Looking for Foreign Worker Services?

Call our team in Edmonton, and we can help you with recruitment.

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